Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Our Loyalty Rewards program helps our customers offset the costs of one-time ordering, isolation or moves/adds/changes charges.  Here’s how it works:

When an invoice is paid on-time, we award one loyalty rewards point per dollar spent

We also award one extra point for each year in the customer’s contract.  So, a customer with a three-year contract would be awarded 4 points per dollar in loyalty rewards

When any non-recurring charge is applied to a customer’s account, rewards points may be redeemed in our Customer Portal to offset the charge for up to 90 days

Customers with Minimum Spend Agreements who fall short of their monthly minimum spend now receive 100% points value for the shortfall, banking that value to be applied against future charges

Points never expire, have no cash value and will be forfeit upon account closure or the disconnection of all services