Voice Termination


Our Domestic US-48 Voice Termination Service provides carrier-grade, flat-rate call termination anywhere in the Continental United States for Internet Telephone Service Providers or for other carriers.  We do not use Least Cost Routing or send calls to middlemen, which means our network reliability and call completion  ratios are second to none.  Calls can be sent to our network via SIP over internet, SIP over dedicated IP link or via dedicated TDM connectivity such as DS1 or DS3 circuits.

All calls to our network are completed via dedicated interconnection facilities to the terminating carrier, which means that there’s no Voice-over-IP provider in the middle that might interfere with fax or modem calls and no long post-dial delays as seen with LCR carriers.


Our International Voice Termination Service provides carrier-grade termination to anywhere in the world for Internet Telephone Service Providers or for other carriers.  While our rates do not compete with pick-and-choose Least Cost Routing international rates, our International Termination is a good fit for ITSPs or carriers with a moderate volume of international calling who are more concerned with reliability and fraud detection/prevention than in getting the lowest possible rate on each call.


Our Advanced Billing Platform and Operations Support System Portal provide world-class features that set us apart from other Voice Termination Providers.  For voice termination customers, these are some of the available features:

Automated Access to Call Detail Records.  We provide multiple options for customers to obtain call detail records from our systems for ease of billing subscribers:

  • We provide an Excel spreadsheet once monthly when the bill generates which contains all call detail records and costs
  • We provide our industry-leading Application Programming Interface (API) which may be used to transfer call detail records in real time within minutes of call completion from our systems to yours
  • We provide our industry-leading OSS Portal, which permits customers to view call history in real-time