OptiCA Retail Public WiFi

OptiCA Retail Public WiFi

In today’s modern marketplace, satisfying customer demand for public WiFi internet access can be a challenge for small businesses.  Many small businesses struggle with securing internal company systems from the WiFi network, making sure that all public areas have WiFi coverage, and making sure there are adequate IP addresses and bandwidth for patrons.

For businesses who use our telephone and internet services, we’ve got you covered with OptiCA Retail.

Communications Authority handles all of the details for small businesses.  Our OptiCA Retail Public WiFi solution:

  • Separates internal secured systems from the public WiFi network
  • Determines optimal placement for WiFi access points to ensure adequate coverage everywhere
  • Is engineered to accommodate a high volume of users for the busiest days of the week
  • Is supported by 24/7/365 repair technicians to quickly resolve outages
  • Can include an optional splash page with the business’s name, logo and photos

Because every business is unique, so are the needs for public WiFi. OptiCA Retail is custom-designed for each business location.