SIP Trunking

PBX SIP Trunking over the Internet

Modern business telephone systems have the capability of using telephone service over an internet connection, instead of traditional telephone service from a telephone company. This modern service is called SIP Trunking. For subscribers with a capable business phone system and a reliable internet connection, our reliable, high quality SIP trunking provides many features and benefits that other SIP trunking providers may not offer. Some of these advantages are:

  • We operate our own network! We are not reselling another carrier
  • We are a Florida company with our own nationwide voice network providing local, non-outsourced support
  • We do not require a term contract; service is month-to-month
  • CallerID name and number works properly on 99% of calls
  • Our 911 emergency service works exactly like phone company 911
  • Using our portal, you can set different locations for each phone number you have for emergency 911 calls so that responders reach the right location in an emergency
  • We can re-route your phone calls elsewhere if your service is down
  • Our SmartMail FAX product is included free with SIP trunking
  • Our Basic Conferencing product is included free with SIP trunking
  • Multiple PBX systems and SIP devices may share the same purchased trunks
  • Live Call Detail Records are available in our Customer Portal

SIP Trunking Failure Recovery Options


Our basic failure recovery service for SIP trunking is included at no extra charge with all commercial SIP trunks. This service will automatically forward calls to an outside number such as a cellphone if the SIP trunking service (or the customer’s telephone system or internet connection) is down. Once the problem is corrected, normal operation resumes automatically.


Our High Availability services may be added to SIP trunks for seamless service during an internet outage.