Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers

Our network covers over 10000 ratecenters across the 48 continental United States.  Our subscribers can easily locate and choose a desirable or random number in any serviceable area and immediately activate the number on virtually any service that we offer.  Local and Toll-Free telephone numbers can be searched and assigned using our Customer Portal.

When searching for a new number, our subscribers can easily determine how many unwanted inbound calls each vacant number has received in the past 30 days before activating it, to prevent unwanted or nuisance calls on new service.

In serviceable areas, our exclusive Port-Out Protection feature protects our subscribers from accidental or malicious port-out of vital telephone numbers.

All telephone numbers on our network are eligible for our optional SMS/MMS Text Messaging service, regardless of what service is associated with a telephone number.

Subscribers can move an active telephone number to a different type of service or re-route a number to a different trunkgroup or Remote Call Forwarding destination, all completed easily and instantly in our Customer Portal.